The Excalibur Class was a Federation Battleship built in the 2380s. The Excalibur can only be captained by Level-IV command officers. It is also known as the next great experiment.

Technical Data Edit

Basic Information
Excalibur Class Starship

The USS Excalibur NCC-90000 leaving Mars orbit in 2382.


  • Length: 2,100m
  • Width: 863m
  • Height: 295m
  • Decks: 78


  • 18 Type XV Phaser Arrays:
  • 10 Class III Pulse Phaser Turrets: 165,000 TW output
  • 2 Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Tubes
  • 4 Pulse Fire Quantum Torpedo Tubes
  • 3  Type IV Burst Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes: 1,200 rounds


Warp Speeds

  • Class utilizes quantum slipstream drive.

Unit Run

History Edit

The Excalibur Class was designed in the late 2370s to give Starfleet an edge in overall abilities. In 2382, the USS Excalibur was launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The Excalibur has several advancements over the other starships of Starfleet. One of the advantages was the Quantum Slipstream Drive which was built into the design and not modified from the warp drive. In 2384, the USS Pacific and USS Atlantic were completed five months after the USS Excalibur completed its shakedown cruise. In 2385, the Pacific and Atlantic left Utopia Planitia and were assigned to patrol the Demilitarized Zone after the Maquis reestablished that as their territory. The next 4 ships were built from 2385 through 2393. Afterwords, the Excalibur Class production was discontinued due in part tha the Excaliburs were very resource intensive. These ships are often seen in hazardous areas such as near Ross 128 and the Maelstrom. it is expected that the Excalibur Class ships will continue service for another 250 years. After the USS Canada was built, production was ended because the Excalibur class was extremely expensive and resource intensive. The Klingon and Romulans have also come up with their own equivalents to the Excalibur: The C9A Class and Kerchan Class. The USS Atlantic is part of the 1st Fleet defending Earth currently.

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