The production of the USS Pacific (NCC-94894) was completed shortly after her sister ship, the USS Atlantic completed its second mission.

Very similar to the Atlantic, the ship has similarly awesome technology and potential prowess in battle (the Pacific is yet to come into contact with hostile forces).
A faulty phase-charge unit marred the Pacific's first test mission, causing an internal explosion which spread through two decks. Whilst repairs were carried out, the ship was fitted with two new torpedo launcher systems, which can fire large spreads of torpedoes (up to 8 simultaneously per battery).
Shortly after the final test run, Starfleet temporarily halted any further excursions with the Pacific to take time to reassure Romulan diplomats that the ship was not designed for patrol beyond the Neutral Zone, as rumours had allegedly claimed.
The Pacific is expected to enter normal service very soon to compliment the Federation's latest generation of ships.

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